Logic Board Trade-up upgrades for Apple Macintosh Centris models.

By exchanging and upgrading the logic board of your existing Macintosh to a faster, more capable logic board with a more powerful processor you get the capabilities of a state-of the art computer systems at the fraction of the cost.

Available for:

Centris 610, 650, 660AV

Note: If you do not see your Centris model listed, please feel free to email us at to see if we carry a logic board upgrade or an accelerator for your Centris computer.

Centris 610 Header
Centris 650 Header
Centris 660AV Header

Additional Items of Interest

Enhancements of your existing logic board
If you want to enhance the power of your existing 040 processor and don't want to upgrade to a PowerPC processor, MicroMac has the following items available for the Centris models:


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