Logic Board Trade-up upgrades for Apple Macintosh Quadra models.

By exchanging and upgrading the logic board of your existing Macintosh to a faster, more capable logic board with a more powerful processor you get the capabilities of a state-of the art computer systems at the fraction of the cost.

Available for:

Quadra 605, Quadra 610, Quadra 610-DOS, Quadra 650, Quadra 630, Quadra 660AV

Note: If you do not see your Quadra model listed, please feel free to email us at to see if we carry a logic board upgrade or an accelerator for your Quadra computer.

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Also for Quadra 640

  • P6200 Logic Board Upgrade
    Upgrades 66/33MHz Quadra 630 computer to 75MHz 603-based PowerPC logic board.

  • 80MHz Q630 68040 Logic Board Upgrade
    Upgrades 66/33MHz Quadra 630 computer to 75MHz or 90MHz 603-based logic board.

    Please call or e-mail for current information.
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