Illustrated Tour of the Installation Process

Steps to upgrade the Performa 600 ta a Quadra 650

Tools You Need:

Philips screw driver

Flat bladed screw driver

Step 1:

Verify the proper operation of your Performa 600, IIvi or IIvx

make sure your current Mac is in good operational condition.

Step 2:

Prepare your computer

Shut down your Mac properly.
Unplug the power cord and remove all cables from the back ports.

Step 3:

Open your Mac

Locate the main screw on the back side of the chassis. Use the flat-bladed screwdriver and loosen this screw - it will not come out completely.
Turn the Mac around and slide the top forward 2".
Now you can lift the top and put it aside.

Step 4:

Remove the power supply

Squeeze the power supply holder on the left end while pushing it towards the right side. Also put it aside.
Use the philips screw driver and remove the security screw below the main screw.
Lift the power supply by rocking it upward. A good grip you can get from the HD-side and on the power-cord connectors.

Step 5:

Disconnect the cables

Disconnect all cables on the logic board coming from the mounting bracket. This includes: SCSI-cable, Floppy-cable, HD-power-cable and if you have a CD-ROM installed also the audio cable (see arrow).

Step 6:

Remove the metal mounting bracket

Use the philips screw driver and remove the two screws to the front of the mounting bracket.
Now lift the mounting bracket on the front (in a swinging motion) until it is vertical, then move it towards the front so it unhooks from the back side. Put it aside.

Step 7:

Remove components

If you haven't done so, now it's the time to remove all cards and memory from your logic board.

Step 8:

Remove the Reset switch and the loudspeaker cable

locate the loudspeaker cable and pull on the connector.
Push on the top tab of the reset-switch until it clears the logic board and lift it up in a backward motion.

Step 9:

Remove the logic board

Locate and remove the one screw in the center of the logic board.

Push down the two release tabs and slide the logic board towards the front until it clears the "hold down tabs" on the sides of the logic board.

Now lift the logic board on the front and remove it from the chassis.

Step 9:

Remove AAUI port cover

If the cover for the AAUI (Ethernet connector) has not been opened, You may just remove the existing cover by pressing against it until it brackets out.
If you chassis has this opening already, there is nothing you need to do at this step.

Step 10:

Install new logic board

Squeeze the analog board and the metal shield so the tabs are cleared (red circle) and slide the metal shield towards the front. Watch for the one metal tap (arrow) it mostly get caught in a hole preventing the slide.
Remove the metal shield and put it aside.

Step 11:

Enjoy your increased speed



Individual results may vary.
MicroMac does not take any responsibility in any form if you choose to perform this steps on your own. We recommend having this upgrade performed by a service place.
Please see our legal notice for more information.

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