Illustrated Tour of the Installation Process

Steps to upgrade from any 630 series Mac model to a PowerMac 6200

Steps to upgrade from Performa 580 to a PowerMac 5200

Tools You Need:

Philips screw driver

Step 1:

Prepare your computer

Unplug your Mac and remove all cables from the back ports.

Step 2:

Open your Mac

There are 2 tabs on the back plastic plate.
Push these tabs down while pulling.
Now the metal back panel is exposed.
In the middle of this metal panel there is a handle.
Pull the logic board out of the chassis by pulling on the handle.

Step 3:

Remove all SIMMs

Remove the 72-pin SIMM from the logic board.
Install this SIMM and optionally an additional SIMM onto the new logic board.

Step 4:

Remove back metal panel

Remove the metal panel from the logic board.
There are two screws, one on each side, which you need to remove.
Remount this metal panel back onto the new logic board.

Step 5:

Connect battery

Connect the battery cable onto the connector next to the battery.

Step 6:

Reinstall logic board

Reinstall the new logic board into your chassis.
Guide it into the plastic guides on each side inside the chassis.
Push the logggic board firmly so the connector snaps in place.

Step 7:

Reinstall chassic

Replace the back plastic plate.

Step 8:

Reconnect cables

Reconnect all the cables you have removed

Step 9:

Enjoy your increased speed

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