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The resources available on the Online Resources Page are designed to assist your needs as you surf through the pages of MicroMac's Web site.

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Quickly locate a product or information with this fast, easy-to-use search engine. Wherever you find the yellow Search button, click it and type in the name of a your Mac model or the name of a product and web site computer returns all pages within MicroMac Technology's site that contain information about your search term. Try it out, it's simple, yet powerful.



Complete technical database of more than 330 different Mac models from Apple, PowerComputing, Daystar, Umax and others? Select your model, check out the specifications and learn about all the upgrade possibilities for your particular Mac.
Note: This section is still under construction, so use it with caution.

E-mail Product Info


Tell us YOUR Mac model and we will e-mail you a list of upgrade products for YOUR particular Mac model.

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Do you need assistance to use our web site? Check out the Online Help page for commonly asked questions and answers.

Web Site Tree


A web site tree to give a general overview of our web site. Presently the MicroMac site has about 40 product pages, about 300 dynamically served pages from the MacSpec database and about 25 other pages.
Note: This section is still under construction, so use it with caution.

Tech Support


If you already own a MicroMac product and have a question on how to install it go to the Tech Support section.



MicroMac accelerator software and shareware utilities and applications are available to download from the Software Page.



From the Products Page you can browse our full line of accelerators, logic board trade-ups, memory upgrade products and computer accessories, organized by product category.

Product List


Also available in the Products section is an alphabetical list of all MicroMac upgrade products.



On the Sales Page you can purchase a MicroMac product directly from MicroMac Technology.

Company Profile


The Company Profile Page contains information about MicroMac Technology and our Web site. Look here for company information, mailing address, phone numbers and Web site credits.

What's New


The What's New? Page contains a list of current information and postings uploaded onto the MicroMac web site. If you visit our site frequently you will want to look here first for all the latest news.



The Glossary page explains the technical terms that are used throughout the web site when explaining the features of the Macintosh models.

Equivalent Mac Model List


The Mac Model Equivalency List lists the unique Macintosh models and their equivalent Mac model names.
Note: This section is still under construction, so use it with caution.

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