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Are you looking to increase the speed and performance of your Macintosh? Want to upgrade to a late-model CPU chip? Looking to double your RAM-SIMM capacity? In need of a cache card, FPU or hard to find accessory cable? From the Products Page you can browse our full line of accelerators, logic board trade-ups, memory upgrade products and computer accessories.

Logic Board Trade-ups
Find and study the possible logic board trade-ups for your Macintosh. Prices, trade-in procedures, online ordering information and links to installation photos are located on each product page.
Select and review accelerator product literature suited for your Macintosh. Pricing, online ordering and software is located on each product page for your convenience.
Memory Upgrade Products
Discover how to reuse and double your SIMM capacity with a MicroMac memory upgrade product. Locate L2 cache cards, VRAMs and RAM SIMMs. Find Pricing, online ordering info on each product page.
Computer Accessories
Looking for an FPU, a PMMU, mass storage (hard disk drives etc), a cooling fan or certain accessory cable or a tool? Check out our computer accessories to see if we have an item you've been looking for or need.

Product List
Also available is an alphabetical list of all our upgrade products. If you know the product name go there to quickly jump to the detailed product page.

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