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A MicroMac Memory Upgrade product allows you to leverage and maximize the most out of your current Macintosh system as well as future Macintosh upgrades.

Just the SIMMs please

For convenient upgrade shopping MicroMac offers:

If you do not know what type of SIMM your particular Macintosh requires, go to our MacSpec database to look for your Mac and find the compatible memory upgrade.

LC 475, Quadra 605, Quadra/LC/Performa 630-series, LC/Performa 575-series and 580-series, PowerMac 6100-series and Performa 611x-series

These Mac models have 4MB or 8MB soldered onto the logic board. Traditionally the maximum memory configuration has been limited to one or two 32MB SIMMs for a total of 36MB or 72MB. MicroMac's BigSIMM product line breaks this memory barrier and allows you to upgrade the memory to 68MB, 132MB or even 196MB.


Macintosh II Series

For the Macintosh II, IIci, IIvx (IIvi & Performa 600), IIsi, IIcx, IIx and IIfx MicroMac offers the SIMMdoubler II. With this product you are able to effectively double the SIMM capacity of your Macintosh with a wide selection of flexible memory settings and configurations.

LCIII, Centris 610 & 650, Quadra 605, 610 & 650 and PowerPC 6100 & 7100

For the LCIII, Centris 610 & 650, Quadra 605, 610 & 650 and PowerPC 6100 & 7100 MicroMac offers the SIMMchanger. With this product you are able to convert older 8-bit 30-pin SIMMs (such as those used in a Plus, SE, Classic or Macintosh II series computer) into one 32-bit 72-pin SIMM.

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