Macintosh 128KB Quadra Cache Card


The MicroMac 128KB L-2 Cache Card for the Macintosh Quadra series and the LC475 and Performa 475 upgrades and enhances CPU speed by storing frequently used data in a high speed cache memory card next to the processor.

Available for:

Apple Macintosh 475,
Apple Macintosh Centris 610, 650,
Apple Macintosh Quadra 605, 610, 610-DOS, 650, 700, 800, 900, 950,
Performa 475, 476

Give Your Quadra Some Cache

MicroMac Cache Card

MicroMac Cache cards are ideal for CPU tasks involving anything from home finances and business productivity to graphic programs and games. Achieve a higher level of performance from your current Macintosh at an affordable MicroMac price.

MicroMac Cache Card Benefits:
CheckmarkHigh Performance for a low cost
CheckmarkIncreases the speed of your Macintosh up to 125%-300%
CheckmarkInstalls easily into the PDS slot or processor socket within minutes

Squeeze Out More Performance with Cache: With a MicroMac Cache card you speed up many operations on your Macintosh, such as CPU throughput, accessing frequently used data, performing complex image filtering or effect and spell checking documents. Cache is used to store frequently used information and data so the next time you perform a task, the computer retrieves the information from the quick, high-performance memory instead of the computer's RAM where information is processed at a slower rate

Optimize Your Work: The MicroMac Cache cards are designed for individuals who are content with their Macintosh system but want an added boost in performance. Engineered with high-quality components, the Cache cards and an optimal choice for anyone looking to gain a better advantage in overall CPU tasks ranging from home finances and business productivity to graph programs and games.

System and Tool Requirements: Macintosh Quadra 605 (LC475), 660AV, 700, 800, 900 & 950 with System 7.0 or later, optional anti-static grounding strap (available at most computer hardware stores) and flat-blade screwdriver.

Simple 1-2-3 Installation: A PDS Cache card installs into the processor direct slot (PDS) on the logic board of your Macintosh. The Slot-free Cache cards are designed to install into the processor socket; simply remove the processor, insert the Cache card into the socket and then place the processor on the Cache card.

MicroMac Delivers: Slot-free or PDS Cache card and installation instructions.


MicroMac #

Performs at


Slot-free Cache Cards

Quadra 605 & LC475

128KB Slot-free Cache card


up to 125%


Quadra 660AV, 700, 900 & 950

128KB Slot-free Cache card


up to 125%


PDS Cache Cards

Quadra 700, 800, 900 & 950

128KB Slot-free Cache card


up to 125%


- Available Files to Download for Quadra Cache Cards-

Quadra Cache Card Software:

Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0

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