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MicroMac accelerator software and shareware utilities and applications are available to download from the Software Page. All files have been stuffed and bin-hexed with Stuff-It for reliable transfers.

MicroMac Accelerator Software
MicroMac Accelerator Utility Software

Performer - MM Performer v1.4

Check your speed with - Speedometer 4.0

PerformerPro - MM PerformerPro v1.4

MacID Wannabe - MacID_WANNABE

PerformerPro Plus- MM PerformerPro v1.6.1

System update 3.0 for 7.1 (includes Enabler065)

MultiSpeed - MicroMac XL v1.19 (control panel)

TechTool from MicroMat

MultiSpeed - MicroMac Ext. v1.01B8 (extension)

Pseud040 by Michael Connolly

Marathon - Marathon v2.5


DiiMO 030 - DiiMO 030 v2.2

Carrera040 - Carrera040 v1.7.1
Carrera040 v1.8 (latest software with sound fix)

Thunder & ThunderCache- Thunder v1.2.3

ThunderCachePro - TCP v1.0

SpeedDoubler040 -SpeedDoubler040 1.0

DiiMO 040 Cache

Speedster040 - Carrera040 v1.7.1
Carrera040 v1.8 (latest software with sound fix)

Note: Speedster040 uses the same control panel as the Carrera040 accelerator. There is no separate Speedster040 Control Panel.

If you require a MicroMac accelerator software control panel, extension or update that is not available to download you can obtain it by Emailing our Technical Support department.

In your Email state the following:

Technical Support will Email you the file as soon as possible.

Technical Support can be reached at the following address:

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