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168-pin EDO Memory DIMM


Micromac's 168-pin 64-bit 3.3Volt Extended Data Output (EDO) DRAM DIMM for the 4400 series Power Mac models and for many clone Macs provides best compatibility and economical pricing.

Available for:

PowerMac 4400/160,
PowerMac 4400/200
PowerMac 4400/200 DOS

Motorola Starmax


DIMM Selection

If you do not find your particular Mac model listed here go to the 168-pin DIMM Selection Page to find the appropriate 168-pin DIMM type for YOUR Mac.



168-pin 3.3V EDO Memory DIMM

The 168-pin 64-bit 3.3V EDO DIMM is used by the 400-series Power Macintosh models.

These DIMMs come in 8MB, 16MB, 32MB or 64MB sizes.

The DIMMs in these Mac models are installed individually. Slot 1 only supoort single Bank DIMM, that means 8MB and 32MB are supported, whereas 16MB and 64MB are not supported in these slots.

MicroMac 168-pin 3.3V EDO Memory DIMM Benefits:
Checkmark Guaranteed compatible for your Macintosh model
Checkmark Free technical support for memory installation questions
Checkmark Economical

Memory is like Money: If you have owned a computer for a number of years, you know it is a true statement: you always can use more memory. With today's powerful system software and the newest generation application programs you need more memory, lots of it in fact, to run your computer efficiently.
   Depending on your applications and work habits, you may want to upgrade your Mac to 36MB or 64MB, or maybe more than 128MB, and in some cases even 160MB of RAM.

What does it all mean?: 168-pin 64-bit 3.3V 2K-refresh EDO Memory DIMM

  • 168-pin means that the memory module has 168 connections to connect to the DIMM socket on the logic board. Part of the 168 connections are the 64 data bits that are transferred to and from the memory module. Other connections are the address lines and the power connections.
  • 64-bit means that the memory module features a 64-bit data path, thus a single memory access can transfer up to 64 bits or 8 bytes.
  • 3.3V means that the chips on the DIMM operate with 3.3V operating voltage, as opposed to 5V, another common, but incompatible DIMM operating voltage.
  • 2K-refresh refers to the total number of refresh cycles required by the memory chip to maintain data integrity. Some incompatible memory chips are offered with 4K refresh, but some Mac models require 2K-refresh or less to function reliably.
  • EDO means Extended Data Output, a memory access mode to increase the memory access speed in certain Mac models.
  • DIMM means Dual In-line Memory Module. This term refers to the two-sided connection method of the memory module to the connector on the logic board.

Choose with confidence: In order to successfully upgrade the memory of your Mac, there is no need to understand all these terms in detail. Simply verify that your Mac model is listed in the above table and select the part number for the memory size (amount of MB) that you desire from the product selection table on the bottom of this page.

Why do I need to install certain SIMMs into certain slots ?: The Power Macintosh 4400 series computers only support a single bank DIMM in slot 1. Therefore if you have mixture of 8MB, 16MB, 32MB or 64MB, you must make sure that you only install 8MB or 32MB SIMM into slots 1

System Requirements, Memory configurations, and acceptable SIMM Sizes:

Mac Models

Base Memory

(soldered onto logic board)

DIMMs of the following sizes in slot 1

up to two
DIMMs of the following sizes in slot 2 and slot 3

Maximum amount of RAM

PowerMac 4400/160,
PowerMac 4400/200
PowerMac 4400/200 DOS


Time Requirement: Depending on your Mac Model the installation will take between 5 minutes and 15 minutes.

MicroMac Delivers: 168-pin 64-bit 3.3V EDO DIMM


MicroMac #


Price in US$

Memory for Logic Boards

8MB 168-pin 64-bit 3.3V EDO DIMM, 60ns




16MB 168-pin 64-bit 3.3V EDO DIMM, 60ns




32MB 168-pin 64-bit 3.3V EDO DIMM, 60ns




64MB 168-pin 64-bit 3.3V EDO DIMM, 60ns




128MB 168-pin 64-bit 3.3V EDO DIMM, 60ns




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