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Product: PowerMaster Accelerator

Available for: PowerPC 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 9500 & 9600
And most of the following Mac clones: PowerComputing, PowerWave, PowerTower
& UMAX SuperMac 5900

Upgrade Your PowerPC or Mac Clone up to a Sizzling 233MHz!!

PowerMaster Accelerator

The PowerMaster is the state-of-the-art accelerator upgrade for your PowerPC Macintosh or Mac clone. Featuring a blistering fast 604 or 604e processor running up to 150MHz, 210MHz or 233MHz respectively, the PowerMaster is ideally suited for graphic and multimedia intense applications and Web browsers.

PowerMaster Benefits:
CheckmarkPowerful 604 or 604e processor running up to 150-165MHz, 210MHz or 225MHz respectively
CheckmarkFully integrated FPU (math coprocessor)
CheckmarkIntegrated 16KB cache (PPC 604) or 32KB cache (PPC 604e)
CheckmarkState-of-the-art daughterboard design
Checkmark150MHz 604 PowerMaster features unique speed adjustable thumbwheel
CheckmarkDoes not void Apple warranty

Thumbwheel DialAdvanced PowerPC Engineering: Get the speed, performance and productivity you deserve. MicroMac's PowerMaster offers the ultimate upgrade in acceleration for your PowerPC 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500 or 9600 Macintosh. The PowerMaster also works with most of the following Mac clones: PowerComputing PowerWave, PowerTower and UMAX SuperMac 5900. The PowerMaster features a fast PowerPC 604 or 604e processor with a unique adjustable speed thumbwheel running up to an incredible 150MHz to 165MHz with the 604. The 604e version features a PowerPC processor runnning at either 210MHz or 233MHz. The PowerMaster provides processing power suited for high-end digital and video work, 3D modeling/CAD rendering, as well as the most demanding publishing jobs. If you access and work extensively with the Internet, you'll be more than content with the stealth performance of the PowerMaster. The hottest Web technologies of multimedia, voice recognition/chat and videoconferencing require strict demands on processing speed. The PowerMaster offers you such performance plus power to spare to keep you on the cutting edge of the Internet.

Innovative Design: The PowerMaster features an industrial quality, innovative daughterboard design. The accelerator incorporates advanced engineering to deliver all the features and functionality of a more expensive computer system at a fraction of the cost. Installing the PowerMaster is easy, no soldering or costly logic board upgrades are involved and the PowerMaster does not void the Apple Warranty. Simply remove the current PowerPC 601 or 604 daughterboard installed on your PowerPC logic board and insert the PowerMaster in its place.

The PowerPC Software Advantage: Software running in native PowerPC mode is the only way to go. It delivers fast, outstanding performance as well as the latest advanced features that only a PowerPC processor can deliver. The PowerMaster keeps you on the forefront of PowerPC technology by providing the fastest processing speed available to date without compromising your budget. The upcoming Mac OS 8 and Rhapsody Operating Systems are planned to deliver exciting new multimedia, Internet, and multi-tasking features to your software environment. This new operating system is designed to take full advantage of the PowerPC chip and push it to the limits. With the MicroMac PowerMaster accelerator installed in your PowerPC Macintosh, you'll be able to take full advantage of the new system software features and technologies as they become available.

How Fast is the 604?: The latest generation of the PowerPC chip is the fastest to date, offering more speed and versatility than ever before. The PowerMaster's 604 processor running up to 150MHz is approximately nine times faster than the standard 25MHz 68040 based Quadra 605. For even more speed, the PowerMaster also features the 604e processor, an enhanced variation of the 604 chip. Compared with the entry-level 601 based PowerPC 6100 running at 60MHz, the PowerMaster with the 604e at 210MHz is up to eight times faster. As you will surmise, the 604/604e based PowerMaster offers the best price and performance for all your acceleration needs.

Upgrade your PowerPC 7500 to a 604!: The 150MHz 604 PowerMaster is the most cost effective solution to upgrading your PowerPC 7500 Power Macintosh from a less powerful 601 processor to the more current 604 processor. With the 150MHz 604 PowerMaster you'll notice a performance boost of up to 250% over the current PowerPC 601 processor's performance. That means faster system operations, quicker responses in all your favorite games and more speed for Internet applications.

System and Tools Requirements: PowerPC Macintosh 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500 or 9600 or ost of the following Mac clones: PowerComputing, PowerWave, PowerTower or UMAX SuperMac 5900 with System 7.5 or later, optional anti-static grounding strap (available at most computer hardware stores) and flat-blade screwdriver.

Installation: Unplug the current daughterboard installed on the logic board of your Macintosh and install the PowerMaster in its place.

MicroMac Delivers: PowerMaster accelerator board, Utilities disks and Installation Manual.


MicroMac #

Performs Up To



PowerPC 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 9500 & 9600
Mac clones: Most PowerComputing, PowerWave, PowerTower & UMAX SuperMac 5900



up to 250%

PPC 604

was: $189

now: $169

special sale price



up to 315%

PPC 604e

was $1299 with 200MHz 604e

now $799




up to 400%

PPC 604e

was $1499 with 225MHz 604e

now $999


- Available Files to Download for the PowerMaster Accelerator -

Accelerator Software:
None required

Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0

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