MicroMac logic board trade-ups give your Mac a new-generation logic board. The trade-ups allow you to trade up your older 020 or 030-based logic board to the faster 040-based logic board to run certain specific 68040 programs. Or the trade-ups allow you to trade-up your lower frequency 040 board to a state-of-the-art PowerPC-based logic board with a 601, 603, 604 and even a G3 PowerPC processor.

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With a logic board trade-up you basically get a new Mac. You keep your keyboard, your mouse, your power supply, your chassis, and your storage devices (such as hard disk drives and CD-ROM drives), but you completely exchange your logic board, sometimes referred to as the "motherboard." The logic board trade-ups give you software compatibility for the latest generation of system and application software.

How do I get my Logic Board Trade-up?

Once you have ordered the logic board trade-up for your particular Mac, MicroMac will ship the new faster logic board to you. You then follow these three easy steps to upgrade your Mac with the new logic board:

  1. Remove your existing logic board from your Mac by following the illustrated instructions.
  2. Transfer RAM SIMMs/DIMMs and VRAM SIMMs/DIMMs from existing to new logic board.
  3. Reinstall the new faster logic board into your Mac. Enjoy the increased performance and capabilities.

Once you are happy with the performance and everything works well with your new logic board, you return your old, now unused logic board to MicroMac Technology.

How do I trade-in my existing logic board?

All Logic Board Trade-ups require the return of your existing slower logic board after you have completed the upgrade. An RMA number is required for all logic board trade-ins. It will be listed on the invoice which accompanies your new logic board. This RMA# number must be marked on the outside of the box in which you return you existing logic board.

Please consider the following financial considerations for trading up your logic board.

MicroMac Technology expects your existing slower logic board back within 30 calendar days. This time can be extended for international orders.

If you do not have, or do not want to trade in your slower logic board, the trade-up price is higher.

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