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In today's rapid and ever-changing computer industry it's comforting to know there's a company out there committed to providing intelligent and flexible solutions for your Macintosh needs. MicroMac Technology is that company, focused on engineering and manufacturing affordable, easy-to-use, high-performance Macintosh hardware upgrade products for businesses, schools and home users. For many computer users the Internet sounds alluring with its vast resource of information and interlinked network of individuals and services, but poses the dilemma--what does it take to make it work for you? And more importantly, accessing the Internet is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. More and more individuals are finding they need to access the Internet not only for play, but also for work, school and business.

At MicroMac Technology we believe accessing the Internet (or World Wide Web as its often referred too) should be as enjoyable as possible for the Macintosh user. It should be as easy and intuitive as pointing and clicking. Our goal is to aid the novice as well as the seasoned pro make wise decisions when it comes to upgrading his or her Macintosh to take advantage of the World Wide Web.

Many of the emerging technologies on the World Wide Web, as well as Operating System software and applications, require strict demands on memory and processing speed. For an owner of an older Macintosh (and these days "older" can mean a machine purchased less than a year ago) MicroMac has made a commitment to provide products that leverage and maximize the most out of an individual's current investment in Macintosh hardware, peripherals and software.

A MicroMac accelerator upgrade brings new life and vitality to a Macintosh computer. With the heavy emphasis on multimedia and graphics throughout the Web, one needs a Macintosh configured with a minimum of a 68030 processor and 8MB of memory. MicroMac offers a full range of accelerator and memory upgrade products that bring your Macintosh up to today's standards in hardware. Designed from start to finish to make your computer system more fun and easy to use, a MicroMac upgrade product provides the quality and power you deserve in your work, education and leisure.

By following MicroMac's Four Point Plan to an Internet Upgrade, you will be able to enjoy the most out of your current Macintosh as well as all of the benefits the World Wide Web has to offer. MicroMac Technology is committed to being your link to Internet solutions.

Four Point Plan to an Internet Upgrade

  1. Identify Basic Internet Requirements
    To access the Internet your Macintosh must have the following minimum hardware configuration: 32MHz 68030 processor, 8MB of physical RAM and a 14.4-Kbps modem. As for software, you need an Internet service provider (ISP) that provides the necessary programs to get you up and running on the Internet. This link even saves you the regular sign up fee. The software provided should include Mac-TCP (a transport protocol that transfers data on the Internet) or TCP/IP (open transport compatible internet protocol) and a Web Browser (such as Mosaic, Internet Explorer or Netscape) for viewing web pages.

  2. Examine Your Macintosh
    Examine your Macintosh system to find out what you currently own and what you will need to become an Internet user as outlined in point 1. Then identify in point 3 which accelerator you need to bring your Macintosh up to today's Internet hardware standards.

  3. Familiarize Yourself with the Recommended Accelerator Upgrade
    Locate your Macintosh in the Accelerator Internet Upgrade Charts to identify which accelerator(s) MicroMac recommends for an Internet upgrade. The accelerators are identified in two categories: Email access and World Wide Web access. An Email classified accelerator is ideal for reading, sending and retrieving Email over the Internet. A World Wide Web accelerator is suited for accessing Email as well as Web sites and is classified as either 1) meets minimum requirements for such tasks, 2) is optimally designed to take advantage of latest Internet technologies or 3) is platinum based, offering the best performance for the upcoming multimedia and emerging Web technologies.

  4. Place the Order
    You can order one of our products through mail order, dealers, resellers or direct.

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