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Mac IIci with 90MHz Carrera040$399!

MicroMac IIci 90MHz Carrera040 Upgrade
(Limited quantities available)

Includes and Supports:

The Macintosh IIci Personal Computer

The Macintosh IIci (ci=compact/integrated video) is one of Apple's best selling and most popular business-based Macintosh computers. A faster version of the Mac IIcx, the Mac IIci features built-in video support for external monitors, RAM capacity up to 128MB, three NuBus slots and a PDS slot that accepts an accelerator card or an optional Level 2 cache card for added performance.

Further Mac IIci Product Information

Data Sheet IconProduct Data sheet of Mac IIci

The MicroMac Carrera040 Accelerator

90MHz Carrera040
68040 Acceleration: Combined with the 90MHz Carrera040, the Mac IIci is upgraded to a blazing fast 90MHz 68040 processor with integrated FPU--the same processor used in the high-end Quadra line of Macintosh computers. The 90MHz Carrera040 accelerates the Macintosh IIci up to 430% for CPU-related tasks and up to 720% for FPU mathematical functions. The 68040 is equipped to handle the most demanding tasks that businesses and users require, from word processing and spreadsheet analysis to graphic-intensive design, desktop publishing and Web page development.

Norton System Performace Rating

90MHz Carrera040 rating compared to base model Mac IIci with a 25MHz 68030.

The Internet Venture:
You can join the Internet revolution with a faster, more versatile computer with the 90MHz Carrera040 equipped Macintosh IIci. If you are looking to get online to surf the Net or expand your business, the 90MHz Carrera040 will help you establish your presence in the new emerging digital frontier. Accessing the Internet opens a wide variety of opportunities and benefits. The kids will actually have fun doing their homework for a change by doing online research for their school reports and term papers. Find out the latest stock quotes and airline traveling information for you business. Check the status of an overnight package through UPS or Federal Express home pages. This and much more are possible when you access the Internet with a 90MHz Carrera040.

The 90MHz Carrera040
provides the necessary speed required to process heavy workloads of information. With the high-performance and quality of the 90MHz Carrera040 combined with the online world of the Net and intuitive interface of the Macintosh Operating System, you have the power to take advantage of the resources of the Internet easily and affordably.

Installation: The 90MHz Carrera040 for the Macintosh IIci plugs directly into the IIci's processor direct slot (PDS).

MicroMac Delivers: Macintosh IIci with internal 80MB hard drive, 8MB of RAM, 90MHz Carrera040 accelerator board (with integrated FPU), Start-up and Utilities disks, and a detailed, illustrated Installation Manual.

Note: Due to certain ROM code restrictions, the 90MHz Carrera040 does not support RAM Doubler or Virtual Memory. However, for the best performance possible with an accelerator upgrade, MicroMac recommends actual physical RAM rather than virtual RAM which degrades system performance.

Product: MicroMac IIci 90MHz Carrera040 Upgrade


Includes: Mac IIci computer (refurbished) with internal 80MB SCSI hard drive, 8MB of RAM and MicroMac 90MHz Carrera040 accelerator

Performs at: CPU up to 430%, FPU up to 720%

Processor: 90/45MHz 68040

FPU: 90/45MHz

Price: $399

- Available Files to Download for the Carrera040 Accelerator -

Accelerator Software:
Carrera040 v1.8

Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0

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