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Product: Mach10 Jet Accelerator

Available for: Centris 610 & 650, Quadra 650, 660AV, 800, 840AV
& PowerPC 6100/60/66, 7100/66 & 8100/100

Increase Your Mac's Clock Speed

Mach10 Jet Accelerator

MicroMac's Mach10 Jet clock accelerator boosts the speed of your Centris 610/650, Quadra or PowerPC up to 125%-140%. With a Mach10 Jet accelerator your Macintosh will soar to new heights of performance.



Mach10 Jet Benefits:
CheckmarkHigh performance for a low cost
CheckmarkCompatible with a wide range of Macintosh computers
CheckmarkSlotless operation (does not require a slot)
CheckmarkEasily user-installable with step-by-step instructions

Simple and Easy to Use: MicroMac's Mach10 Jet accelerator is a simple plug-and-play accelerator for a wide variety of Macintosh computers that mounts on the clock chip inside your computer. It consists of a mounting clip (the Mach10 Jet) and an interchangeable clock chip oscillator. Also supplied is a fan and/or heatsink if your Macintosh requires extra cooling. The Mach10 Jet does not require any PDS or NuBus slots. Since it is a hardware solution that requires no external software, it is totally compatible with software designed to run on your Macintosh.

Increased Speed: The Mach10 Jet increases the speed of your Macintosh up to 125%-140% depending upon the Macintosh you own. You will notice a speed increase in all CPU intensive tasks, screen redraws and scrolls. In many cases its just like owning a new Macintosh.

System and Tools Requirements: Centris 610 & 650, Quadra 650, 660AV, 800, 840AV & PowerPC 6100/60/66, 7100/66 & 8100/100 with System 7.0 or later, optional anti-static grounding strap (available at most computer hardware stores) and a flat-blade screwdriver.

Installation: Installation takes approximately fifteen minutes and requires no soldering. The installation consists of opening the case to your computer, connecting the Mach10 Jet clip with the appropriate Mach10 Jet clock chip to the CPU clock oscillator and attaching the heatsink and/or cooling fan to the CPU.

MicroMac Delivers: Mach10 Jet clock mounting clip accelerator with interchangeable clock chips, Utilities disk and Installation Manual.


MicroMac #

Mac Model

Speed Increase Up to


Mach10 Jet Accelerator


PPC 6100/60/66,7100/66 & 8100/100

140%, 140%, 135%,130%



Quadra 840AV




Quadra 660AV




Quadra 650, 800 & Centris 650

130%, 130%, 135%



Centris 610



- Available Files to Download for the Mach10 Jet Accelerator -

Accelerator Software:
None required

Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0

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