Macintosh PCI to IDE adapter for mass storage


Mass Storage Solutions: PCI2IDE-Adapter with high capacity hard disk drive


The PCI2IDE adapter is a PCI to IDE adapter and provides an extremely economical mass storage solution for Macintosh computers with PCI Bus requiring large amounts of mass storage.

Available for:

PowerMac 7200/75, PowerMac 7200/90, PowerMac 7200/120
PowerMac 7300,
PowerMac 7500,
PowerMac 7600,
PowerMac 8200,
PowerMac 8500,
PowerMac 8600,
PowerMac 9500,
PowerMac 9600,
PowerMac G3 Minitower, PowerMac G3 Desktop
DayStar Digital
G3 Tower, G4 Tower

PCI2IDE adapter kit with large capacity hard disk drives


The PCI2IDE adapter provides an extremely economical mass storage solution for Macintosh computers with PCI bus requiring large amounts of mass storage.

Simply install the PCI2IDE adapter card and the hard disk in your Macintosh to enjoy extremely large amounts of data storage for back-up, archiving, parking of CD-ROM data (such a encyclopedia and other reference materials) etc.

PCI2IDE adapter card has two 40-pin IDE connectors. Each IDE connector supports two channels for a total of four drives. The high-troughput 40-pin 80-wire cable connects to the large-capacity, high performance hard disk drive.


PCI2IDE Adapter Benefits:
Checkmark Simply plugs into PCI slot of your Mac
Checkmark Connects up to four IDE drives
Checkmark No software required
Checkmark Ultra DMA66 guarantees fastest data transfer
Checkmark HFS+ (Mac OS Extended file system format) compatible)
Checkmark Allows for configuration of bootable drive on PCI2IDE adapter

First Generation PCI-Based Macs with SCSI bus: Apple's first PCI-based Macintosh models, and most Apple clone computer (StarMax, PowerComputing, DayStar etc. ) computers did have the traditional SCSI bus connection for mass storage. While the SCSI bus has a number of advantages and allows for connecting up to seven mass storage devices, the actual hard disk drives are significantly more expensive than the PC-compatible IDE drives.

With the availability of the PCI2IDE adapter owners of PCI-based Macintosh computers with internal SCSI bus can take advantage of the more economical, PC-compatible IDE drives, resulting in dramatically reduced storage costs for large capacity storage needs.
First Generation G3 Macintosh Computers: Apple's first two G3 models (the beige G3s), the G3-Desktop and the G3-Minitower, have an IDE connection built in, allowing the use of a more economical IDE hard disk drive. However, these Mac models only allow the connection of a maximum of two IDE drives. These two possible connections are already taken by the internal hard disk drive and the internal CD-ROM drive, leaving no available connections for expanding your mass storage.

With the availability of the PCI2IDE adapter owners of the G3-Desktop and the G3-Minitower can take advantage of expanding their Macs with the more economical, PC compatible IDE drives.

Second Generation G3 and G4 Macintosh Computers: Apple's later G3 models (the blue&white G3s) also have IDE connections built in. These Mac models allow the connection of a maximum of four IDE drives. One connection is taken by the hard disk, the other by the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, a third one may be taken by the internal ZIP drive.

With the availability of the PCI2IDE adapter owners of the second generation G3 and G4 Macintosh computers can expand expanding their Macs with more than four compatible IDE drives.

System Requirements: PCI based Macintosh. System Software 8.5 or newer.

Installation: Open your computer and insert the PCI2IDE Adapter into an open PCI slot of your Macintosh. Mount the hard disk drive in an open bay. Connect the PCI2IDE adapter with the hard disk drive, using the provided cable. There is no software installation required.

Tool Requirements: None. However you may want to use an antistatic grounding strap (available at most computer hardware stores).

Time Requirement: About 20 minutes.

We Deliver: PCI2IDE adapter card, 40-pin 80-wire high-throughput IDE cable, 5GB or 10GB or 20GB or 30GB or 40GB major brand hard disk drive, illustrated installation instructions.





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PCI2IDE-adapter with 5GB Hard disk





PCI2IDE-adapter with 10GB Hard disk





PCI2IDE-adapter with 20GB Hard disk





PCI2IDE-adapter with 30GB Hard disk





PCI2IDE-adapter with 40GB Hard disk






- Available Files to Download for PCI2IDE Adapter -

None required

Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0

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