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Product: SpeedDoubler040 Accelerator

Available for: Quadra 700 & 900

Unharnessed Quadra Power

SpeedDoubler040 Accelerator

Boost the 68040 processing speed of your Quadra 700 or 900 up to a 100/50MHz 68040. With the MicroMac SpeedDoubler040, you have unprecedented performance and dependability for all your computing needs. Enjoy an enhanced level of speed and dependability from all your favorite applications.


SpeedDoubler040 Benefits:
Checkmark100/50MHz 68040 increases CPU performance up to 250%
CheckmarkOptional 100/50MHz 68040 with integrated FPU (math coprocessor) boosts math speeds up to 200%
CheckmarkOnboard 128KB cache and Zero-wait state technology increases CPU throughput
CheckmarkFast as a PowerPC in 68040 emulation mode
CheckmarkSlot-free design (plugs into existing processor socket on the logic board)
CheckmarkEasily user-installable with step-by-step illustrated Installation Manual

True Computing Power: The SpeedDoubler040 is the ultimate accelerator in speeding up your Quadra 700 or 900. Engineered with a perfect combination of power, ease of use and affordability, the SpeedDoubler040 is suited for home, educational and business applications as well as desktop publishing and Web page authoring. The accelerator combines the features of a 68040 processor running at 100/50MHz, 128KB cache and Zero-wait state technology to boost your Quadra up to 200% of your original speed. The onboard 128KB cache and Zero-wait state technology are designed to dramatically improve overall CPU throughput. The SpeedDoubler040 is as fast as a PowerPC 6100/7100/8100 while running 68040 based software in emulation mode.

The FPU version of the SpeedDoubler040 boosts the performance of desktop publishing and 3D rendering programs that utilize an FPU. Tasks as simple as recalculating a spreadsheet or as sophisticated as rendering a three dimensional object increase up to 200%. The SpeedDoubler040 is the perfect accelerator for churning through time-consuming chores and workloads. It gives you an extra advantage in speed and versatility that is required for today's processor hungry applications, utilities and Internet-savvy programs.

Simple and Unique Design: If you have NuBus cards installed in your Quadra, you'll be happy to know the SpeedDoubler040 is designed not to occupy such valuable space. The accelerator features an unique slot-free design that plugs into the CPU socket on the logic board. Simply remove the current 68040 processor from its socket and install the SpeedDoubler040.

System and Tools Requirements: Quadra 700 or 900 with System 7.0, 7.1 or 7.5, optional anti-static grounding strap (available at most computer hardware stores) and a flat-blade screwdriver.

Installation: Installation takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. Simply open the case to your computer, remove the current 68040 processor from the CPU socket on the logic board (motherboard) and install the SpeedDoubler040 accelerator board.Software installation consists of dragging one INIT (System Control Panel) from the accompanying Start-up disk to your System Folder.

MicroMac Delivers: SpeedDoubler040 accelerator board (optionally with FPU), Start-Up and Utilities disks and Installation Manual.


MicroMac #

Performs at





Quadra 700 & 900

50MHz 68040




100MHz 68040





FPU 200%

100MHz 68040




- Available Files to Download for the SpeedDoubler040 Accelerator -

Accelerator Software:
SpeedDoubler040 1.0

Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0

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