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We created Cyberian Outpost as a way of providing you with all the information you need to purchase, intelligently, all categories of computer products.

By giving you all the product information supplied by the manufacturer of each product and adding to our own objective-editorial information (as well as pricing and product release information) we feel we can be your best single source of knowledge about computer products. You won't have to wade through magazines for product reviews, wander the aisles of software stores for the compatibility information on the software box, and then search mail-order catalogs for pricing. We work closely with the vendors to make sure you have the requirements for each product and the vendor's description of the product. We also provide you with a review written by a member of our staff, pictures of packaging, screen shots of the product, and a demo version if one is available.

Every product we sell must pass a strict product evaluation process. If the product does not make it through the evaluation, we don't carry it. Period. We do not accept money from vendors just to carry a particular product.

The nature of the Web allows us to let you know instantly when a hot new title is shipping. We can add a product to our listing within hours of its release and it can be on its way to you in a couple of days.

Cyberian Outpost, Inc.
27 North Main Street
PO Box 358
Kent, CT 06757

Sales: 800-856-9800
Telephone: 860-927-2055


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