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MicroMac Technology is a leading manufacturer of hardware upgrades for Macintosh computers with a full line of accelerator and memory hardware products. Serving your Macintosh needs for over eight years, we carry a full line of accelerators for the Plus, SE and Classic, Mac II and LC series, Centris and Quadras as well as PowerPCs. A MicroMac accelerator offers the best price and performance for your existing computer. If you are looking for pure speed and power, MicroMac has an accelerator for you.

Our memory upgrade products allow you to leverage and maximize the most out of your current Macintosh investment as well as future upgrades. With a MicroMac memory upgrade you can double your RAM capacity or reuse your existing SIMMs in PowerPC Macintosh computers such as the PowerPC 6100, 7100 and 8100.

MicroMac believes in customer commitment. That is why we offer a one year warranty (optional two year warranty available) and full technical support on all our hardware products. Our professionally trained staff offers support, information and personal service. They are committed to identifying your needs and helping you make a wise decision.

MicroMac Technology sells direct and through national and international dealers, resellers, vendors and college bookstores.

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MicroMac Technology, 27121 Aliso Creek Rd, # 125, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, USA, Tel: (949) 362-1000 Fax: (949) 362-5428

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