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The original version of this web site was designed and created on a Macintosh IIci accelerated with a MicroMac Carrera040 80/40MHz accelerator with a CarreraTurbo 128KB Cache card. Supporting data files, documents and graphics were created on a Macintosh II equipped with a DiiMO 030 accelerator. The original version of this Web site was maintained with a Quadra 700 accelerated with a SpeedDoubler040 and networked with various Macintosh Plus and SE computers equipped with Performer and MultiSpeed accelerators.

Web Page Authoring

The original version of this web site was created in Claris Home Page, Adobe PageMill/SiteMill and Web Weaver (with quick 'Way-Past-Midnight-Jolt-Cola' ideas jotted down and coded in SimpleText.)


Original graphics designed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Deneba Canvas and the shareware utility GifConverter. Various clip art files were taken from the Clipables library available through C.A.R., Inc. as well as the public domain.


Gif animation created with Gifbuilder. All Gif-animated files are available free of charge in the public domain.

CGI Scripts & Resources

Simple Search created by Matt Wright and available at Matt's Script Archive.

And best of all, this Web site was:

Made With A Mac Animation

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