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Product: Compact Virtual Software

Available for: Macintosh Plus, SE & Classic (with Performer accelerator)

How to Get Faster, More Versatile Virtual Memory

Compact Virtual SoftwareIn 1989 when Connectix introduced VIRTUAL, the original software SIMM, it created quite a stir. For the first time, personal computer users could increase the internal memory of their computers without adding expensive RAM.

It received accolades and top industry awards. In fact, Apple decided to add Virtual Memory to its new System 7.0. Now VIRTUAL 3.0 sets a new standard for Virtual Memory. It's faster, more compatible and can use less disk space than the standard Virtual Memory that you get with System 7.0.

New high-performance VIRTUAL 3.0 has been built for speed and economy. It performs like real RAM you buy and install, while using less hard disk space than ever before. You'll discover a bonus megabyte with VIRTUAL 3.0. VIRTUAL provides you with 14MB instead of 13MB available in System 7. [You're total System memory will be 16MB, with 4MB actual physical RAM and 14MB Virtual Memory.] VIRTUAL 3.0 is fully compatible with both System 6.0 and System 7.0.

It is the only software to allow Virtual Memory to be used on the Macintosh Plus, SE and Classic models that are equipped with 68030 accelerators.

Step-up to high-performance Virtual Memory. Order today.

[December 12, 1996 Note: Compact Virtual is no longer manufactured by Connectix. Please call or Email MicroMac directly for availablility of product we have in stock.]

Source:The Macintosh Memory Guide. ©1991 Connectix Corporation.


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Compact Virtual


increases RAM up to 16MB

uses PMMU in 68030



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