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MicroMac 6100 PowerPC Logic Board Trade-up

This MicroMac Logic Board Trade-up upgrades 610-series, 660-series Macintosh models, as well as the Workgroup Server 60, to a 601-based PowerPC Macintosh model identical to a 66MHz or 80MHz 6100-series Power Macintosh. Optionally performance can be enhanced to a 132MHz 604 processor.

Available for:

Centris 610, Centris 660AV,

Quadra 610, Quadra 660AV,

Workgroup Server 60, Workgroup Server 60 (50/25)

Upgrade to PowerPC Performance

Run SoftWindows, Games and the latest Multimedia Authoring Software!

The MicroMac PowerPC 6100 Logic Board Trade-up converts your 68040-based Macintosh to a PowerPC-based Macintosh. Now you have the ability to run PowerPC applications and the latest System software without sacrificing the current investment you've made in your Macintosh computer system.



The 132MHz 604 PowerPC 6100 Logic Board Trade-up comes with the 604 processor card. This card plugs into the PDS slot of the 6100 logic board.

MicroMac 6100 PowerPC Logic Board Trade-up Benefits:
CheckmarkAllows installation of PowerPC software that does not run on 68K-based Macs
Checkmark66 MHz PowerPC 601-based Logic Board Trade-up increases performance up to 350%
Checkmark80MHz PowerPC 601-based Logic Board Trade-up increases performance up to 450%
Checkmarkoptional 256KB of Level-2 cache for even faster speed
Checkmark132MHz PowerPC604-based Logic Board Trade-up increases performance up to 800%
Checkmarkreuses 72-pin SIMMs
Checkmarkoptional BigSIMM expands memory capacity capability to 136MB

PowerPC Processor: The MicroMac Technology 6100 PowerPC logic board trade-up converts your existing 68040 or 68LC040-based Macintosh to a real PowerPC-based Mac. You now will be able to run applications that have been written especially for a PowerPC processor. These applications include, for example, SoftWindows to run Windows applications on your Mac, RealPlayer to download streaming audio and video from the Net, and Riven, a popular game. Take advantage of the added speed of Apple's System 8 and 8.1 with the PowerPC native Finder.

601 versus 604: The 604 PowerPC processor in comparison to the 601 PowerPC processor has significantly higher performance. The 132MHz 604 processor is approximately equivalent to a 170MHz 601 processor. Therefore the 132MHz 604 upgrade has about twice the performance of the 601-based model.

Memory Capabilities: The 6100 PowerPC logic board has two SIMM sockets, just like the 68040-based 610-series or 660-series logic board. Both the 6100 PowerPC logic board and the 68040-based 610-series and 660-series logic board utilize 72-pin SIMMs. On the 6100 PowerPC logic board both SIMM sockets need to be populated with the same capacity SIMMs. The following table shows the possible memory configurations for the 6100 PowerPC logic board:

RAM on Logic Board



Total RAM





The maximum RAM capacity is 136MB. You can easily transfer the SIMMs from your slower 68040-based logic board to the faster 6100 PowerPC logic board. If you do not have a matching SIMM pair, or if you want to upgrade the memory capacity, MicroMac has a variety of 72-pin SIMMs, including the 64MB BigSIMM available.

Level-2 Cache: MicroMac's 256KB Level-2 Cache card provides an additional speed boost. The Level-2 Cache card is optional for the 601-based upgrade; it is included as a standard in the 132MHz 604-based upgrade.

Video Connection: The 6100 PowerPC logic board outputs video on a high density 45-pin HDI45 connector. Some Apple A/V capable monitors plug directly into this HDI45 connector. If your monitor has the standard 15-pin DB connector, you need a video cable that converts the HDI45 connection to the DB15 connection.

System and Tool Requirements: A flat-bladed, a Phillips screw driver and optionally an antistatic grounding strap.

Upgrade Installation: The Installation consists of two steps:

  1. Preparation of the System Software for the new PowerPC processor
  2. Installation of the logic board and the chassis back panel.

Prior to installing the MicroMac 6100 PowerPC Logic Board Trade-up you will need to update or reinstall the System OS 7.5.1 - 8.1 software so that it is compatible with the 6100 logic board and your System software can boot from your new PowerPC based logic board.
  Next, you open your Macintosh, remove the current 68040 logic board (which easily unplugs from the inner case), and remove the chassis back-panel. Then you attach the new back panel and insert the new 6100 logic board. Finally you transfer the RAM from your 68040 logic board to your new 6100 logic board.
  Optionally you install the
132MHz 604 PowerBoy accelerator.

Time Requirement: About one hour and 15 minutes: 45 minutes are required for System Software installation, 30 minutes are required for the hardware exchange of the logic board and the installation of the chassis back panel.

MicroMac Delivers: MicroMac 601-based 6100 PowerPC logic board , 6100 chassis back panel.

More Questions: look into our FAQ page.


MicroMac #

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MicroMac 6100 PowerPC Logic Board Trade-up Models Available:

66 MHz 6100 PowerPC601 Logic Board Trade-up

LB-6100-66 & BP

up to 350%


80 MHz 6100 PowerPC601 Logic Board Trade-up

LB-6100-80 & BP

up to 450%


132 MHz 6100 PowerPC604 Logic Board Trade-up

LB-6100-66 & BP& PB604-132

up to 850%


* Price includes trade-in of your current logic board.
A $200 deposit will be added to your order and refunded upon receipt of your old 68040 based logic board.

Video cable to connect the HDI45 high density connector to the standard DB15 video connector:

Video cable from HDI45 to DB15




RAM SIMMs, Level-2 Cache













Level-2 Cache Card
(included in LB-6100-66 & BP& PB604-132 )




-Available Files to Download for 6100 PowerPC Logic Board Trade-up-

MicroMac 6100 PowerPC Logic Board Upgrade Software:


Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0

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