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Model: LC/LCII Power WorkStation

Available for: Macintosh LC & LCII (Performa 400/405/410/430)

Customize & Expand your LC & LCII (Performa 400/405/410/430)

LC/LCII Power WorkStation

LC/LCII Power WorkStation Benefits:
CheckmarkExpands current LC/LCII computer chassis with room for added expansion
CheckmarkIncludes 32MHz 68030 ThunderCache accelerator for increased performance up to 220%
Checkmark32KB onboard cache provides 32-bit wide data path for increased CPU throughput
CheckmarkDual-slot PDS adapter provides the option for an Ethernet card
CheckmarkProvides internal bays for an optional second hard drive and CD-ROM, Zip drive or Optical drives
CheckmarkDrive and Power Options available
CheckmarkSystem 7.0, 7.1 and 7.5 compatible
CheckmarkEasily user-installable

Customize & Expand: With over four million LC and LCII (Performa 400/405/410/430) computers in schools and homes, here is the new exciting MicroMac Power WorkStation that will allow Ethernet and acceleration for faster access to the Internet. The new upgrade chassis includes a specially modified MicroMac ThunderCache accelerator with a dual-slot PDS adapter and internal bays to accommodate a second hard drive, CD-ROM, Zip or Optical drives. Finally you have the option to expand your low-profile Mac into a high-performance desktop workstation suitable for desktop publishing, educational programs and accessing the Internet.

ThunderCache 32MHz 68030 Speed: The ThunderCache accelerator is ideally suited for tasks such as word processing, database management, desktop publishing, educational programs and accessing the Internet. By providing a fast 32MHz 68030 processor and 32KB onboard cache, the accelerator increases the performance of your current Macintosh computer by 220% and provides you with the ability to easily expand your current system.

The Benefits of Cache: The ThunderCache accelerator combines 68030 power with a 32-bit wide data path for ultra-high performance on your Macintosh. The 32KB cache stores 90% of the most frequently used data and instructions in its very fast memory. This allows the CPU to perform more efficiently while handling and processing information.

Ethernet Capabilities: The LC/LCII Power WorkStation provides you with the ability to not only increase the performance of your computer with an accelerator but also increase its networking capabilities with an optional Ethernet card. The LC and LCII (Performa 400/405/410/430) logic board provides only one PDS slot for expansion. For most individuals, schools and companies this meant sacrificing increased speed for Ethernet networking. With the LC/LCII Power WorkStation you can now enjoy the benefits of both acceleration and Ethernet without sacrificing one for the other. With the dual-slot PDS adapter you are able to plug in an Ethernet card that fits easily into the main chassis of the Power WorkStation. And for schools and universities that are on a tight budget, the added Ethernet option is a boon for upgrading LCs and LCIIs for faster access to the Internet.

Room and Power for Expansion: The internal bays provided by the LC/LCII Power WorkStation increase your productivity and functionality by allowing you to add an optional internal second hard drive and CD-ROM, Zip or Optical drives. Now you have the ability to expand your low-profile Mac into a versatile and integrated desktop system. No longer do you need to hassle with external devices, cables and power supplies. The LC/LCII Power WorkStation provides you with the room to expand your Macintosh system into an all-in-one case design similar to the modular Macintosh Centris 650, Quadra 650 and Power Macintosh 7100.

The LC/LCII Power WorkStation is available as a Base Unit with upgrade options that allow you to easily enhance your system as you need additional upgrades. The workstation features are as follows:

System and Tools Requirements: Macintosh LC or LCII (Performa 400/405/410/430) with System 7.0, 7.1 or 7.5 and an optional anti-static grounding strap (available at most computer hardware stores).

Installation: Installation takes approximately thirty minutes. The installation procedure involves removing the top case from your computer, installing the main chassis body of the Power WorkStation onto the lower part of the computer, installing the accelerator and optional Ethernet card and CD-ROM, Zip drive or hard disk drive into their appropriate locations and snapping the top case onto the Power WorkStation.

MicroMac Delivers: LC/LCII Power WorkStation with ThunderCache accelerator and dual-slot PDS adapter, Start-up and Utilities disks and a detailed, illustrated Installation Manual.

More Questions: look into our FAQ page.

MicroMac Part #

Power WorkStation Base Unit + XL



Power WorkStation Base Unit



Drive Option Upgrade



Power Option Upgrade



- Available Files to Download for the LC/LCII Power WorkStation -

Accelerator Software:
MM Thunder v1.2.3

Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0

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Note: If you are a dealer or with a school or university you may want to inquire about special dealer/educational pricing on quantity orders. Please address your Email to MicroMac's Educational Sales Director.

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