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Product: Marathon Accelerator

Available for: Macintosh II

Economical Speed & Performance

Marathon Accelerator

The MicroMac Marathon accelerator offers economical processing power for your Macintosh II. With a 32MHz 68030 processor, CPU performance is increased up to 170%. Enjoy an enhanced speed for a wide variety of tasks.



Marathon Benefits:
Checkmark32MHz 68030 increases CPU performance up to 170%
CheckmarkOptional 16MHz 68882 FPU (math coprocessor) boosts math speed up to 200%
CheckmarkSupports beyond 8MB of RAM
Checkmark68030 CPU allows use of Virtual Memory or Connectix's RAM Doubler
CheckmarkSystem 6 or System 7 compatible
CheckmarkEasily user-installable with step-by-step illustrated manual

32MHz Computing: MicroMac's Marathon accelerator is an economically priced accelerator that offers a new level of performance for your Macintosh II computer. The Marathon provides your 16MHz 68020 Macintosh II with the speed of a 32MHz 68030 processor. With the Marathon you'll see a performance gain of up to 170% in all CPU related tasks. The enhanced speed makes working with large word processing and database files extraordinarily easy. With the optional 16MHz 68882 FPU upgrade, you can replace the slow 68881 FPU that may be installed on the logic board and increase the performance of math intensive work, such as spreadsheets, up to 200%.

Support for Virtual Memory and More RAM: The Marathon accelerator gives you the option to easily run more programs simultaneously by utilizing Virtual Memory, RAM Doubler (manufactured by Connectix's Corporation) or adding additional physical RAM to your computer. The integrated PMMU (Paged Memory Management Unit) of the 68030 processor allows you to address more than 8MB of RAM. By employing Connectix's RAM Doubler, you can achieve a fast, economical 32MHz 68030 Macintosh with more than enough memory to spare for all your applications, games and utilities.

System and Tools Requirements: Macintosh II with System 6.0.7 or later, optional anti-static grounding strap (available at most computer hardware stores) and flat-blade screwdriver.

Installation: The installation of the Marathon is easy and clearly outlined in the manual. Simply remove the 68020 CPU and PMMU or AMU chip (depending upon which one is installed) from the logic board and plug the Marathon into the CPU socket.

MicroMac Delivers: Marathon accelerator board (optionally with FPU), Start-up and Utilities disks and a detailed, illustrated Installation Manual.


MicroMac #

Performs at




Mac II

16MHz 68020

16MHz 68881




32MHz 68030




FPU 200%

32MHz 68030

16MHz 68882


- Available Files to Download for the Marathon Accelerator -

Accelerator Software:
Marathon v2.5

Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0


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