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MultiSpeed Accelerator

Available for:

Macintosh Plus, SE, Classic, Performa 200

MacUser 3 1/2 Mice Winner (4/93)

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MultiSpeed Accelerator

The MicroMac MultiSpeed accelerator adds the necessary speed and memory to a compact Macintosh for professional environments. Its 32-bit on-board memory gives you up to 16MB of physical memory while the 32MHz 68030 boosts the CPU speed up to 900% and the optional FPU increases math speed up to 1200%.

MultiSpeed Benefits:
CheckmarkPowerful 32MHz 68030 increases performance up to 900%
Checkmark32-bit wide data path for fast memory access
CheckmarkOptional 32MHz 68882 FPU (math coprocessor) boost math speed up to 1200%
CheckmarkMemory expansion up to 16MB
CheckmarkFully System 6 or System 7 compatible
CheckmarkUser-installable with illustrated manual

Professional Computing: Awarded three-and-a-half mice in the April 1993 issue of MacUser, the MicroMac MultiSpeed accelerator adds the speed and memory you need for serious computing. Visiting Web sites and downloading information and pictures are mere seconds away with the MultiSpeed. Its 32-bit on-board memory gives you up to 16MB of physical memory while its fast 16MHz, 25MHz or 32MHz 68030 processor with zero-wait state technology boosts the speed of your Plus, SE or Classic up to 400%, 650% or 900% respectively. With the optional 32MHz 68882 FPU, math calculations are increased up to 1200% in screen redraws, spreadsheets and other heavy number crunching applications.

Growth Capabilities & Expandability: The MultiSpeed accelerator brings exciting new features and abilities to your Macintosh. Whether you run a small business, conduct research or manage personal finances, you'll get it done with time to spare. The MultiSpeed brings a new level of growth and expandability to a Macintosh Plus, SE or Classic that is required for today's demanding application software.

More Memory: The MultiSpeed adds four SIMM slots to your existing compact Macintosh and provides a high-speed 32-bit wide data path for super fast performance. You are required to install at least four ultra-fast (60ns) 1MB SIMMs onto the MultiSpeed accelerator; however, you can install up to 16MB of system memory on your Plus, SE or Classic so you can run a significantly larger System file and/or more programs simultaneously. If you want to go beyond 4MB, install Compact Virtual software (manufactured by Connectix Corporation) in combination with your existing memory on the logic board (motherboard) and the memory on the accelerator for a total of 8MB or 20MB (16MB system memory and 4MB fast RAM disk).

Internet Acceleration Solution: With the MultiSpeed accelerator installed in your compact Macintosh you have the luxury to optimally run System 7 and Internet applications. With a few clicks of the mouse, move information on and off the Internet and into your work. Transfer files through Email to home and office. Connect to the World Wide Web and enjoy an increased level of performance you never imagined possible with your trusty and reliable Plus, SE or Classic.

Mosaic PictureAccessing the Internet is Simple: To access the Internet you need to install the Web Browser MOSAIC 2.0.1 (which is available over the Internet or through online services such as America Online) onto your Macintosh. With the Mosaic Web Browser you will be able to discover the enticing sights, sounds and locations of the Internet.

System and Tools Requirements: Macintosh Plus, SE or Classic with System 6.0.7, 7.0 or 7.1, optional anti-static grounding strap (available at most computer hardware stores), torx screwdriver and case spreader (or medium flat-blade screwdriver) to open the computer's case.

Installation: Installation is easy and takes approximately fifteen to thirty minutes (depending upon the Macintosh model you own). Simply open your Macintosh as explained and shown in the fully illustrated Installation Manual to obtain access to the logic board (motherboard). For the Macintosh SE the MultiSpeed accelerator plugs directly into the processor direct slot (PDS). For the Plus and Classic you first install an appropriate adapter onto the existing 68000 processor on the logic board in order to create a PDS slot. The MultiSpeed accelerator then plugs into the PDS slot on the adapter board.

MicroMac Delivers: MultiSpeed accelerator board (optionally with FPU), Start-up and Utilities disks and detailed, illustrated Installation Manual. Adapter board for the Plus and Classic comes with a processor clip.


Mac Model

MicroMac #

Performs at




Plus, SE & Classic



16MHz 68030



Plus, SE & Classic



25MHz 68030



Plus, SE & Classic



32MHz 68030



Plus, SE & Classic



32MHz 68882


Plus Adapter Board




Classic Adapter Board





Mac Model

MicroMac #

Performs at


Compact Virtual Software

Compact Virtual

Plus, SE & Classic

SW-Virtual 3.0.2


Ultra High Speed 60ns SIMMs

Four 1MB SIMMs

Plus, SE & Classic


increases RAM by 4MB


Four 4MB SIMMs

Plus, SE & Classic


increases RAM by 16MB


Ultra High Speed 60ns SIMMs

MacOpener Tool



- Available Files to Download for the PerformerPro Accelerator -

Accelerator Software for System 6:
MicroMac XL v1.19 (control panel)

Accelerator Software for System 7:
MicroMac XL v1.19 (control panel) & MicroMac Ext. v1.01B8 (extension)

Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0

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