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MicroMac Networking Solutions: AAUI to 10BaseT and 10Base2 Ethernet Transceiver


The AAUI Ethernet tranceiver provides a 10BaseT and 10Base2 Ethernet connection for Macintosh models with an AAUI conecetion.

Available for:

Centris-610, Centris-650, Centris-660AV

Quadra-610, Quadra-610-DOS, Quadra-650, 660AV, Quadra-700, Quadra-800, Quadra-840AV, Quadra-900, Quadra-950

Network-Server-500/132, Network-Server-700/150, Network-Server-700/200

Performa-6110, Performa-6112CD, Performa-6115CD, Performa-6116CD, Performa-6117CD, Performa-6118CD

Power-Mac-6100/60, Power-Mac-6100/60AV, Power-Mac-6100/66, Power-Mac-6100/66-DOS, Power-Mac-6100/66AV, Power-Mac-7100/66, Power-Mac-7100/66AV, Power-Mac-7100/80, Power-Mac-7100/80AV, Power-Mac-7200/120, Power-Mac-7200/120-DOS, Power-Mac-7200/75, Power-Mac-7200/90, Power-Mac-7215/90, Power-Mac-7220/200, Power-Mac-7220/200-DOS, Power-Mac-7500/100, Power-Mac-7600/120, Power-Mac-7600/132, Power-Mac-7600/200, Power-Mac-8100/100, Power-Mac-8100/100AV, Power-Mac-8100/110, Power-Mac-8100/80, Power-Mac-8100/80AV, Power-Mac-8115/110, Power-Mac-8200/100, Power-Mac-8200/120, Power-Mac-8500/120, Power-Mac-8500/132, Power-Mac-8500/150, Power-Mac-8500/180, Power-Mac-8515/120, Power-Mac-9500/120, Power-Mac-9500/132, Power-Mac-9500/150, Power-Mac-9500/180MP, Power-Mac-9500/200, Power-Mac-9515/132,

PowerBook--520, PowerBook--520-(PPC), PowerBook--520c, PowerBook--540, PowerBook--540c, PowerBook--550c,

PowerBook-Duo-Dock-II, PowerBook-Duo-Dock-Plus,

Workgroup-Server--60, Workgroup-Server--60-(50/25MHz), Workgroup-Server--80, Workgroup-Server--95, Workgroup-Server-6150, Workgroup-Server-6150/66, Workgroup-Server-7250/120, Workgroup-Server-7350/180, Workgroup-Server-8150, Workgroup-Server-8150/110, Workgroup-Server-8550/132, Workgroup-Server-8550/200, Workgroup-Server-9150, Workgroup-Server-9150/120, Workgroup-Server-9650/233

DayStar-Genesis-MP-360+, DayStar-Genesis-MP-400+, DayStar-Genesis-MP-480, DayStar-Genesis-MP-528, DayStar-Genesis-MP-600, DayStar-Genesis-MP-720+, DayStar-Genesis-MP-800+

Power_Comp-Power-100, Power_Comp-Power-110, Power_Comp-Power-120, Power_Comp-Power-80, Power_Comp-PowerCenter_Pro-180, Power_Comp-PowerCenter_Pro-210, Power_Comp-PowerCenter_Pro-240, Power_Comp-PowerCenter-120, Power_Comp-PowerCenter-132, Power_Comp-PowerCenter-150, Power_Comp-PowerCenter-166, Power_Comp-PowerCenter-180, Power_Comp-PowerCurve-601/120, Power_Comp-PowerTower_Pro-180, Power_Comp-PowerTower_Pro-200, Power_Comp-PowerTower_Pro-225, Power_Comp-PowerTower_Pro-225MP, Power_Comp-PowerTower_Pro-250, Power_Comp-PowerTower-166, Power_Comp-PowerTower-180, Power_Comp-PowerTower-180e , Power_Comp-PowerTower-200e, Power_Comp-PowerWave-120, Power_Comp-PowerWave-132, Power_Comp-PowerWave-150,

Radius-81/110, Radius-System-100

AAUI to 10BaseT and 10Base2 Ethernet Transceiver

The AAUI Ethernet tranceiver is a Ethernet network interface card for all Macintosh models with AAUI connection.
   It combines two common types of Ethernet cabling: an RJ45 connector for shielded twisted-pair cabling (10BaseT) and a BNC coax connector for "thin" Ethernet connection (10Base2).


Ethernet Adapter Benefits:
CheckmarkConforms to the Ethernet IEEE802.3 standard
CheckmarkAutomatic adapter configuration
CheckmarkAuto detection of RJ45 or BNC connection
CheckmarkProvides 4 diagnostic LEDs to monitor network traffic

The AAUI connection: Some Mac models have an AAUI slot for expansion. The 10BaseT and 10Base2 Ethernet transceiver allows these Mac models to easily connect to an Ethernet network.

System Requirements: See Mac model list above.

Installation: Plug the AAUI connector into the AAUI Ethernet port at the back of your Mac. Connect the Ethernet tranceiver to the network.
    For 10Base2 (Thinnet) attach the provided BNC T-connector into the BNC post. Connect the 10Base2 coaxial network cable to each side of the T-connector.
   For 10BaseT (twisted pair cable) plug one end of the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable into the tranceivers' RJ 45 phone jack and plug the other end into a suitable port of a 10-BaseT hub.

Tool Requirements: None.

Time Requirement: About 5 minutes.

MicroMac Delivers: 10Base2 and 10BaseT Ethernet transceiver, BNC T-connector, illustrated Installation Sheet. Tranceiver manufactured by Macsense.


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- Available Files to Download for AAUI 10BaseT and 10Base2 Ethernet Tranceiver -

AAUI Ethernet Combo Transceiver Software:

Utilities Software:
Speedometer 4.0

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