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Product: LC/LCII Power WorkStation

Available for: LC & LCII (Performa 400/405/410/430)

Repackage your existing Macintosh LC, LCII or Performa 400, 405, 410 or 430 computer into the MicroMac LC/LCII Power WorkStation--a fully integrated desktop workstation designed to provide exciting new upgrade possibilities at a cost-effective price. The MicroMac LC/LCII Power WorkStation increases your productivity up to 220% by incorporating an accelerator upgrade with a dual-slot PDS adapter and the options of adding Ethernet capabilities, a second hard drive, CD-ROM and Zip or Optical drives...all for $199!

If you are a dealer or with a educational institute, please inquire about special dealer/educational pricing on quantity orders. Address your Email to MicroMac's Educational Sales Director.


Product: 90MHz Carrera040

Available for: Mac IIci, IIsi, IIcx & IIx

MicroMac's popular 68040-based accelerator for the Mac IIci, IIsi, IIcx and IIx has now been boosted up to 90MHz! Gain up to an additional 15-20% speed over the 80MHz Carrera040. And for a limited time, get the 90MHz Carrera040 for the 80MHz price. Visit the 90MHz Carrera040 Page and Order Now!

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